Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History-making USA Election

Yup. Three satellite trucks are parked outside our house here in Zoliborz, and several knots of reporters are milling about outside already, waiting for me to emerge from my home onto the front steps. I'll have to make some kind of statement. It's only 7:30 am, but these Warszawian news-hounds can sense an amazing story from miles away. It's going to be a complete mad scramble to see who can scoop this news and get it on air first.

I'm just about ready. Getting my eyeliner on. Brushing my shiny brown hair. Slipping into some heels, so I can look put-together, collected, and calm as I step outside to say a few words on this momentous occasion. 

For, yes indeedy, it is true.

It's finally happened.

For the first time in 30 years, Mr. D and I have NOT.... I repeat, NOT.... cancelled out each other's votes. 

No, for the first time in 30 years, we've voted exactly the same.

Earth-shattering news. And possibly the end of the world as we know it.

I'd like to put it down to my amazing debating skills and persuasive arguments, but I can't even remember who ran in the last Presidential election, that's how pathetic my memory is. So putting together a persuasive political argument supported by actual facts is a bit beyond me.

And there were no petulant threats involving a month of cold suppers, or me running away from home. (That latter idea I tend to hold in reserve, as Mr D finds the potential cost-savings quite appealing.)

Nope. He just made up his own mind. As he is wont to do.

Wow! It's almost as good as the Phillies winning the World Series, which I can remember because it only happened maybe a week ago. 

I think we've finally BOTH voted for THE WINNER!

And now, if you'll excuse me, my audience awaits.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for posting your comments on my blog. What a great day! Why was the media interviewing you? Are you the only American in the village? :o) Or are you a journo like me?

Mrs. G. said...

Well give each other a great big kiss, because today, my friend, is a beautiful day.

Nora Bee said...

I'm impressed! No one was waiting outside my door in Seattle, but there were parades in the streets celebrating our new president.

expateek said...

Hi twocrabs -- Oops, I guess I was too convincing. I made that all up (well, except for the most important bit about Mr D voting WITH me rather than against me).

Although I DO have many MANY many important things to say, so I think the Polish press missed a beat. And yes, I probably AM the only American in the village (great Little Britain reference!) Or at least on my street.

mrs. g. -- you are adorable! thanks for coming to visit. Glad we can celebrate together. Everyone seems to be happy today -- the British Airways flight staff, the Pakistani taxi driver, the London newsagent. Looks like America gets a brand new start!

Nora Bee -- wish I could have been there to see the parades. I feel proud to be an American again. One gets given a grilling overseas all the time... ever since 2003 (Iraq invasion) I've mostly been hanging my head in shame.

Huzzah huzzah. Funnily enough, it's Bonfire Night here in England today (I'm visiting for a few days), and they do masses of fireworks. Just perfect for a celebratory mood!

Apologies, all, for my fibbing. I apparently just WISH I was really important :-)