Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ooo, my eyes hurt!

Eye Chart, originally uploaded by deqalb.

Ok, so there's this guy in Poznan, and he's seated on a stool at the optometrist's office, taking an eye exam.

The physician asks him to read the board with the shuffled letters.

"Can you read what is written in the sixth line?"

And the guy answers, "Of course I can! And I know this guy also! He’s a close friend!"

And with that, I'll say "See you later!"  Today I'm off to London, where people spell "glamour" and "colour" with that silly extra "u". 

Ta ta! We'll chat anon. 


island1 said...

It's a classic!

LisAway said...

I've heard this one before. So funny. And so true, too. I mean about the funky letters in Polish.

I found you on NaBloPoMo (searched for Poland) and I wanted to stop by, as I'm an American living in Poland, too!! (husband's Polish, lived here 8 years.) Nice to meet you!

expateek said...

island1-- as long as it's not a creaking antique, we'll use it here! My new mission, island1? To make you laugh every day.

lisaway -- i've only been here since Dec of last year, but I love it! I'll come visit your blog next. I'm already regretting this NaBloPoMo madness ... and only day 6! Sheesh. I am the laziest creature ever born, I swear.