Friday, December 26, 2008

Play therapy, troisième édition

As you will remember from the last few sessions, play therapy is a tried and true therapeutic modality in which disturbed children or adults are able to engage deeply felt emotions by enacting homicidal fantasies inner feelings, without causing actual harm to themselves or others. In a supervised setting, a client plays with toys (play-houses, pets inanimate objects, dolls, etc.) to express experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process.

But come now. Yesterday's little pièce de théâtre? And the one from the day before? Neither of those are what really happened. Let's give this supervised play yet another chance. We think progress is being made, truly. But we think expateek may still be holding back a little. She can be quite guarded and emotionally withdrawn, you know.

Let's begin.

expateek? Proceed, if you will, with your play therapy.

So you see, in fact,
le French boss of the bad news

actually decided to take a river trip down the Zambezi.

He left from the Zambia side,
well north of Victoria Falls,
so no danger whatsoever, really.
He knew better than to mess with Zimbabwe!

It was all going so swimmingly
(so to speak)
until le chef decided to take a little dip.

Although the crew insisted that it was not safe,
due to the hippos and crocs in the water,
le French boss of the bad news
that he, naturellement, knew best.

After all,
why else would he be the boss,
if he did not know better than every single other person on earth?
C'est évident!

Because le chef is such a strong swimmer,
and so utterly clever,
he shall easily evade any hazards.

Sadly, as he slipped off the raft,
some crocodiles sunning on the shore...

noticed his scent (L'Homme, by YSL)
and soon made short work of him.

The three crocs raced from the river's edge
and proceeded to rip him to shreds
in a stomach-turning scene of churning, muddy, thrashing horror.

The people on the shore tried to come to his aid, but Mon Dieu!

It was impossible.

Some spectators just sadly closed their eyes and turned away.

It was that awful.

So sad, really.
So much potential in that guy.
What a mec!
Now he's just another meal for those hungry African crocodiles.
Oh well, The Company can probably find a replacement.
You know how resourceful they are.

And French executives?
Well, actually... just between you and me... they're a dime a dozen.
One quick call to Satan's minions Human Resources, and hey presto!
A replacement at the ready!

We're crying crocodile tears...

The play therapist interrupts.

This is very very good, expateek. I think we are starting to make some real progress.

Our 50 minutes are up for today, so let's pick up the toys, shall we? And please book another appointment with Eugenia at reception. Tomorrow, about 11am? Excellent. See you then.



pinolona said...

Where do all the toys come from?! Do you live next door to Santa's grotto??

expateek said...

Most are xmas tree ornaments... when you photo them, they all mysteriously become about the same size. Very useful. The rest are various kids toys... having four kids does leave one with quite a lot of crapola lying about the house. Excellent entertainment value, I hope.

pinolona said...

Wow the magic of photography!
Yes it's very entertaining... I'm tuning in to see what happens to Le french boss next...