Thursday, October 30, 2008


Storks in nest
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Here's a joke told at a Polish party a few days ago....

Some storks are on their migratory flight back south for the winter -- toward Cape Town or Jo'burg perhaps? And they're having a little chat.

Stork 1: "So... what did you do all summer?"

Stork 2: "Ah, tak! Well, I'm tired! I circled around and around, over Gorzyński's house, ever since about March. Six months."

Stork 1: "And?"

Stork 2: "Yup. They had a baby a few weeks ago!"

Stork 1: "Aha. Great job! And you?"

Stork 3: "Mmmm. Me? Well, I circled over Szczepanek's house. Only five months. But still."

Stork 1: "And?"

Stork 3: "Yup. Another baby. A little boy!"

Stork 1: "Excellent. And what about you?"

Stork 4: "Me? Ah, well. I circled endlessly over the priest's house for the whole summer."

Storks 1, 2 and 3: "WHAT? What HAPPENED? A baby?"

Stork 4: "No. But they were sooooooo afraid!"


Gill - That British Woman said...

that made me smile,

thanks, Gill in Canada

island1 said...

I've meant to comment on this blog so many times to say "hey, great job, keep it going" So… ahem…

Hey, great job, keep it going!

There, I feel better now :)

expateek said...

Gill -- thanks very much! I am inspired by your prodigious output. Hopefully I'm also doing amazing things for your Sitemeter stats in Poland!

island1 -- also thank you. I really enjoy your writing and your sense of humour, so needless to say, a compliment from you is HONOUR INDEED!

Do you like my tricky British spelling? My non-American disguise is working really really well, don't you agree?

island1 said...

You're an American? The disguise was perfect! I would never have guessed.

Embarrassed thanks for the fulsome and entirely undeserved praise :)