Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Łorld Syris!!!

Still workin' that Polish alphabet, and workin' it hard. And soundin' a little like Sarah Palin. 

Ok, we'll stop that now. Droppin' the "g" at the end of words. Ugh. Who does that?

What, you're wondering, could this post possibly be about? Lord Cyrus? Some British or Polish nobleman? Or is this a new pet name for the amazing Mr. D? 

Nawwww... it's using the Polish orthographic system to write "World Series" (thanks for providing that big four-syllable word, Pinolona! You rock!) 

You all knew that by now though, right? Faithful Readers Reader? You were paying attention after I wrote all about We will rock you and got that tune stuck in your heads head, correct? (Sorry all over again, Isabella -- I promise I'll stop soon. Maybe we can move on to Abba. Or Paul Anka. Or Neil Diamond. Cracklin' Rosie anyone?)

Anyway, here too in Poland, we can watch THE WORLD SERIES. Because after all, it is the SERIES of THE WORLD. So of course it's very very very important.

In fact, one of our home teams is playing: The Philadelphia Phillies. 

How do we determine what our home team is? Hmmm. Not sure on that one. Based on where we've lived, we could variously root for the Boston Red Sox, the Phillies, the Baltimore Orioles, the Milwaukee Brewers, or the Chicago Cubs or White Sox (ok, not the White Sox). I'm sure Mr. D has some important value-based system for evaluating what his current or forever home team is. 

For my part, I just root for whoever is winning today on the tv. I like to root for the WINNER. Mainly because tomorrow I won't remember the score or even who played. Clearly, sports are not my thing. 

But Mr. D was quite excited to watch game 4 of the Series last night. Game Four? I think? Here he is, completely on the edge of his seat during the 8th inning.

Ahhh, the soporific effect of baseball! Just as sleep-inducing as cricket and almost as good a nightcap as a shot of Żubrówka. Just with a few more zzzzzz's!

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BOSSY said...

Yes, Bossy knows the feelin' (dropped 'g' because late baseball nights have made her too tired for 'i-n-g'.)