Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tally-ho and all that

Well. Even palaces have internet these days. 

It just takes a while to find it. So many rooms, you know. 

Here's where we're staying for the forest adventures. Yeah, yeah, it doesn't look that wilderness-y. But if we'd had to stay out in the hut in the forest, all I can say is that expateek definitely wouldn't have been along for the ride. We've driven out to Mielec, about 4 hours south of Warsaw, and we're staying at this stately old country palace. It's beautiful, with exquisite grounds and even its own garden maze. 

But the loveliest thing is, it's so quiet. You can hear the wind moaning in the tall trees, and that is all

Now, off for a very chilly day in the woods. Mr D got his guns sighted in (or whatever you call that) at the shooting range yesterday afternoon, and the boys also got to shoot Uzis and Kalyshnikovs and a whole bunch of other bullet-shooting things that I hope will not be involved in boar-hunting and birding today!


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