Monday, November 10, 2008

Feels so good when you stop

No really.

I'm so glad to be through that Injuries and Special Populations course, but not in the way you'd think. The last day -- the last afternoon -- was simply incredible. One of those educational/learning experiences where, somehow and without your understanding how or why, all the pieces suddenly fall into place. It's the most electrifying and satisfying feeling. I left the Oxford studio floating on air.

So in that amazing mood, I came "home" to Janice's, turned on her computer, and learned that I'd won a scarf from Mrs. G. How good is that? And just for ... hmm... being alive? Or messing with her pie charts? Wow. The scarf and the warm fuzzy feelings will surely get me through the icy cold of a Warszawian winter. Mmmmm MMMM!

Now I'm back in Berkshire, and I have 8 million errands to do before I fly back to Poland, like buying ginkgo bilwhatsit for the very-good-at-remembering-stuff Mr D, and possibly a pair of black jeans at M&S now that the pound has weakened so much against the zloty. There's actually a whole list of stuff, which of course I can't remember because obviously I don't take ginkgo blablabla. Whatever it's called. Fortunately Mr D made me a list, which I think is in my wallet. Unless I left it in Warsaw on the kitchen table.

Ta ta. Off into the fray...

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Don said...

Congrats on your scarf score, "Nice Woman Living in Poland". It was wonderful to see you yesterday-your visit had perfect timing.:o)