Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On the road again...

I'm off to the far reaches of the planet on Friday.

To London Heathrow first. That's not so far.

Then on to Mumbai, Delhi, and Agra and then back through Heathrow after eleven days. I'm really hoping that dratted Icelandic volcano behaves itself.

What a pathetic show off. Puleeze.

Some volcanoes just don't know when to cool it.


For me, it's onward, after, to Shanghai and Beijing, and I'll finally end up in Bali, for a fortnight's R&R.

It should be lots of fun. Even if Mr D snores and I don't have a hope of a good night's rest for weeks and weeks and weeks. Worth it, really.

Right now, with a day and a half to go before departure, I'm trying to sort out my electronics, I'm finishing prophylactic immunizations and meds, I'm paying my bills, and I'm saying my prayers. Also writing belated thank you notes and telling those I love how much I love them.

Because you can never say "I love you" often enough.

Unfortunately, my prophylactic house-cleaning regime doesn't enter into the mix, so I've made a set-in-stone agreement with my friend Kim -- if anything happens to me, she's coming over to burn my house down. Believe me, it'll be easier on everyone.

Of course, it won't come to "that" -- with "that" being a shoddy Chinese aeroplane diving into a desolate mountainous hillside, or my fevered body shuddering and expiring of malaria in a rural Indian hospital, or Ebola or Avian flu, or a fried chicken foot stuck in my throat or a scorpion stuck in my foot or...

What's your worst travel nightmare?

It won't be that. I promise.

Blogging continues... I swear!

Yet I'm planning to do some experimental eating, so....

Unusual street food, originally uploaded by slack13.

Silk Worm Larvae on a skewer, originally uploaded by diggydog.

who in the heck knows??



Bougielyns said...

Nom, nom, nom! Love those crunchy scorpions. I went to a restaurant in London once that does chocolate coated ones for dessert with a glass of Sauternes - now that's experimental eating at it's finest :)

Miss Footloose said...

My worst travel nightmare? Ending up in a bush prison in Africa and no one knowing where I am ...

Just happened to have blogged the story here:

Stay safe, stay out of jail! Oh, and have some fun too!

Madame DeFarge said...

That's an impressive, although tiring, journey ahead of you. I'd eat a McDonalds if I was you.

expateek said...

I hope to stay out of jail (challenging as I will want to suffocate the hubster for his snoring) and I probably might have some Micky D's if I get tired of curry and scorpion exoskeletons.

Bringing the PeptoBismol and Immodium.

*stomach lurch*

@eloh said...

I ate a ton of "street meat" in my youth... after I had Cholera...squid on a stick was a fairly handly meal.

I'll not admit to some of it. The little school kids used to catch big water bugs and crunch them... I never did that.

Be safe.