Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm off!

We're at O'Hare, in the American Airlines Admiral's Lounge, having a scotch neat to calm the nerves and watching the planes come and go. All the last minute things got done -- I paid the bills, I played my last tennis for a while, I packed, and I furiously uploaded software to enable blogging and picture taking from afar.

First stop, London Heathrow, and then on to Mumbai. If you want to see what I'm going to do in my first few days in India, check out Mumbai Magic for some gorgeous photographs and great tours.

I'll keep you posted. xxx


SkylersDad said...

Safe travels!

Suzy said...

I spent 2 weeks in Mumbai. It's uhhhh..different. Scary coming out of the airport. I mean REALLY scary. It's a very poor city. You will be accosted by beggars everywhere and Indians will tell you not to give them anything.

I did, only because 100 rupees was about a dollar ten 4 years ago. I couldn't help myself. SOme of these people are so poor it hurts.

Suzy said...

Also, there are pics on my blog from 2006, when I was there having SURGERY!

English Rider said...