Friday, May 8, 2009

Girls' Pirate Club

Well, expateek's back from her seafaring adventures in the British Virgin Islands, and there was nary a pirate to be seen! No one fell overboard, just a few things got dropped into the deep blue sea, and expateek only cracked her head/legs/arms on various parts of the boat (hatch, grill, stays, wheel, doors, chart table) a few times per day hour.

While she was taking it easy,

IMG_7061 bvi hammock, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

and ignoring the internet for a week, things were still happening in the rest of the world, so you can imagine how surprised expateek was to come home to find she'd been a featured blogger on iambossy's Virtual Peek! Check out the link here.

And thanks, Bossy!



Fragrant Liar said...

What a great picture. Welcome back. I'll check out the Virtual Peek.

Christine said...

Glad that you were safe from the pirates, had a good time and are back. It must have been hard to leave the Palm trees and hammock behind.

Chris said...

What fun is a trip without pirates?

I'm new here at your site, so I'm looking forward to some great stuff!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Looks like a great trip!