Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Homeschooler success story

Because I'm all preoccupied with my own schoolwork, here's a quick video showcasing my oldest son's fabulous piano skillz. In case you're wondering, the sheet music on the piano has no relation whatsoever to what he's playing. All the notes come straight out of his clever big noggin.

Years of piano lessons = misspent youth.

Homeschooling for 8 years = plenty of time to fool around on the piano.

And I'll let you know when I learn to hold the videocam correctly.

Vertical orientation=fail.


Red Shoes said...

Love the quick flash of smile at the end.

ladytruth said...

Love the almost quirky smile at the end! The man is talented, wow! He can play for me any and every day of the week ;)

@eloh said...

I should do a post about my first day as a homeschooling mom in hidding. My son (25 now) still tells people that his first lesson from his mom was B&E.

True, back then it was a dangerous thing to do. It was "highly recommended" that we not allow our children to be seen in public during "school hours".

We had run out that morning on a short errand and locked ourselves out of the house. So I taught the kids how to get back in "breaking and entering".

Island1 said...

vertical orientation: exceptionally large fail.

going ahead and posting it anyway: exceptionally large win :)

Suzy said...

I had about 8 years of piano too. My French aunt is a concert pianist and I HAVE NO TALENT IN MUSIC WHATSOEVER because music math and science are all left brained activities and I'm a right brained artist. (painters, dancers, writers etc)

But he is VERY good!

Anonymous said...

I just thought he was clever enough to play whilst attached to the wall with velcro.

Anita Tedaldi said...

It's Anita from Blogher (international panel!) This video is amazing and I also homeschool my kids!
I'm so happy to know it works out ok!

Island1 said...

Why didn't you allow my first comment?

expateek said...

Red Shoes -- he is a charmer, isn't he? I should have taped about 5 more hours of him playing.

ladytruth -- well, you'll just have to stop by next time you're in town! :-)

eloh -- B&E, awesome! I know, we were right on the edge of legality as well. Every time we moved, I had to check state laws to see what new rules applied in our new home. Talk about homeschooling -- for the mom too!

island -- thanks. I decided the music was worth it. Your bicycle video inspired me! See how influential Polandian is?

suzy -- oh, you never know how kids will turn out. Obviously you have other talents. As long as you can bash out Heart & Soul, you're fine!

matthew -- Velcro. Why didn't I think of that? Would have been handy when the kids were little. Sometimes they ran off.

Anita -- heartening to hear when things go well, I agree. I did have many anxious moments, but in the long run, you just do the best you can, and hope for the best.

Island -- because obviously I wanted you to comment twice. Now I feel twice as popular.

Margo said...

your son is great! People who can play the piano with a little soul like that, have it all going on. My younger daughter 13 is in virtual school...not quite as intense for parent as all out homeschooling, and the frock wearing promise keepers would probably still disapprove (except for the nice/non judgmental ones)

Anonymous said...