Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mysterious foreigner at O'Hare

We made it back from our trip up the entire west coast, only to find this sign posted adjacent to the taxi stand at O'Hare Terminal 3 Arrivals. It seemed quite sinister at half-past-midnight.

IMG_8066 siamese connection, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

What the hell could it possibly mean?

And then I realised that indeed, perhaps I am the Siamese connection.

Because look. New hat, purchased in California. Worn on the flight from Seattle to Chicago.

IMG_8084 hat1, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

Probably entirely not politically correct, but hey, that's me. Always looking for new ways, both hi-tech and low-tech, to embarrass my children. Really, it's just soooo easy.

That's strange. Nothing's showing up.

IMG_8067 no shadow hat, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

Hang on a moment, bear with me...

Aha. If I turn off the flash.... now that makes the photo of my shadow much more effective.

And voilà, Bob's yer uncle.

There's your mysterious Siamese tourist. Now you see her, now you don't! Or the other way round. Or something. Ach, forget it.

IMG_8068 shadow hat, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

The only question left: shall I wear the hat to the Henley Regatta next year?

Or to Ladies Day at Ascot?



Mr London Street said...

Good to have you back! Though I'm not convinced the choice of headgear would suit Henley or Ascot.

Anna Russell said...

Fabulous AND offensive? Oh yes, we'll be having some of that.

expateek said...

MLS -- yes, I spent the whole trip wondering if I was being horribly un-PC... It seemed that 99% of the other travelers out of Seattle were Asian yesterday. I imagined fending off accusatory looks with convincing excuses..."Yes, my head's really big and hats don't fit me, and I need a hat with a chin strap because I live in Chicago which is the Windy city you know, and when I'm gardening I need to protect myself from the sun because I'm so deathly pale from being inside on the computer all day and ...."

Convincing, non? Right. Didn't think so.

And of course, you're correct. I doubt this hat would suit for either Ascot or Henley, though I did see a fantastic miniature version of the same in a lovely dove-grey colour at Henley a few years ago. Oh, hats! No place to wear them in this too-casual land. More's the pity. *sulk*

AR -- Yes, unfortunately I just get more obnoxious as I get older. Inappropriate headgear and outrageous flirting with waitstaff gets me in trouble all the time. Too bad I didn't know how to do things properly in the olden days, when I could have been a charming and youngish ditz, instead of the braying old harridan I have become.

Belle said...

Oh - definitely Ascot. Ladies Day. I could go with you and wear my mexican hat - you know the large brimmed one. It is the perfect tool for discipline. I tell my kids that I will wear it to pick them up from school if they don't listen to me, and they do exactly as I wish. This, because they know I really would do it.
Ah - as you say - it's so easy to embarass the little angels.

Mr London Street said...

Interesting, too, to see you slowly edging towards writing in the first person.

Some of us notice that kind of thing.

expateek said...

Belle -- we'll make a plan for Ascot next year. Will start shopping for a dress/losing weight right now.

I love special disciplinary actions as regards children. In truth, they're quite easily manipulated. Just takes a while to hone yer chops!

MLS, darling -- "edging": two steps forward, one step back. Today? The only way to do zee French boss of zee bad news is in my expateek disguise, apparently. Oh well. At least my multiple personality disorder is out in the open now.