Monday, April 13, 2009

Re-branding will be critical

IMG_5496 fish sauce 1

expateek, as much as she likes fish sauce, won't be putting this one in her pad thai!

And what's up, anyway, with this crazy Cock Brand? expateek is profoundly disappointed, because not only is there no picture of a cock on this thing, there's not even a picture of a rooster. What's the deal? It sounds a lot like false advertising to expateek.



Christine said...

Yum, Pad Thai! Now I want some! I also want some deep fried spring rolls...a whole order for moi! I want to dunk them in some fish sauce. I don't care what brand. Evil woman!

Mr London Street said...

I also got an eyeful of Cock (figuratively speaking) in a delicatessen in Seville. I simply had to take a picture of this bottle or nobody would have believed me.

Cracking blog by the way.

Amy said...

It just so happens that I'm dehydrating some Cock Brand dried beancurd sticks at the moment!

expateek said...

Christine -- I can see I'm having a bad influence on you!

Mr London -- very nice play on words there. You apparently enjoy living on the edge. And thanks for the compliment! "Cracking" -- best Brit word ever!

Amy -- who knew this brand was so popular? Very appropriate too, as those beancurd sticks expand when they get wet. Hope dinner was delicious!