Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ben Bernanke! Call me!

Why, oh why, don't people call expateek and ask for financial advice? Why?

Okay, we all know why, but still.

Here's something Mr D received in the mail two days ago.

IMG_6893 pontiac letter, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

Note the date. April 17, 2009.

Also, note that expateek and Mr D sold that 1989 Pontiac Bonneville seven years ago.

And they've been out of the country ever since.

And they have never lived anywhere near Jackson, CA.

Is it any wonder that Pontiac's gone down the drain if they're sending out service letters using inaccurate data that is, perhaps, TWENTY FLIPPIN' YEARS OLD?

But you do have to admire their persistence.

Strangely, just 10 days after this letter was printed, GM announced that they were pulling the plug on the Pontiac brand. Your taxpayer bailout money at work, folks.

expateek is going to write to Ben Bernanke, send him a copy of the letter, and ask for her tax monies back. So, 42 cents for a stamp, probably 50 cents for the envelope and letterhead paper, and oh, say, $9,503.67 for pain and suffering. After all, expateek's back in America.

So maybe she should sue?



Suzy said...

Do it. Show them their stupidity.

Christine said...

Crazy but not surprising. How in the world did they find you?

Anonymous said...

is this the pre-bonneville days?