Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So sorry, sari

Years ago, expateek was driving along past the back of a block of flats, and as she watched, a woman in a sari emerged from a fire exit door with her male partner. The woman carried a laundry basket with both hands, and her man held the door open as she came through. As the woman turned toward the walkway, the wind suddenly blew the door shut and the long end of her sari was caught in the door. Suddenly, both were gesticulating and shouting at each other, and then the man shot off to go round and open the door from the inside. The woman stood there, alone in the windy afternoon, holding her basket, waiting to be freed.

Since then, expateek's always wanted to own a sari, so that she too could get tangled in revolving doors, or unwind her clothing in the wind by accident, revealing her lithe and youthful figure unsightly bits. Hmmm. Perhaps not a good idea after all.

Saris, originally uploaded by iwishmynamewasmarsha.

Still, a shopping opportunity awaits, as expateek learned yesterday of the amazing Belgrave Road in Leicester. Sari shop after sari shop, with silks of every colour and design, line both sides of the road in this profoundly Indian part of Leicester. She's desperate to go back to indulge her desire for exotic costume. But she will probably resist, as kilts await in Edinburgh...

And yes, expateek met the lovely katyboo for an Indian dinner last night, and what a dinner it was! At the end of the evening, expateek hopped out of the taxi breathing curry and spice and everything nice, and had to lie down nearly immediately as she was absolutely stuffed to the gills.

Katy went home with probably another night's worth of take-away,

IMG_6666 bobby's, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

because it just isn't an Indian dinner if one doesn't order entirely too much.

The wonderful thing about this curry night was that both expateek and katyboo lived to tell the tale, and no cutlery was drawn, and no women were thrown violently into a car boot. So civilised, it was, and lovely company.

Look how much Katy trusts expateek!

IMG_6665 katy, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

She's even closing her eyes as she calls for the taxi!

It could only happen in the blogosphere...



Anonymous said...

Two meals! Two! Jason had an extra supper when we got home and Oscar and I had the rest for lunch today. With that kind of feeding as a regular experience I can see why dresssing in large swathes of cloth would be a very good idea!

pinolona said...

Hey no fair, you're in England having fun while some of us are slaving away over czasowniki and other gramatyka in the snow! Kidnap me too!!

Christine said...

I love all that fabric and have been tempted to buy some. The only thing that stops me is that I would not turn it into cloths but use it for cushion covers. What a travesty!

It is great that you are getting to meet your blog friends. I met up with one of mine in Seattle and I too lived to tell the tale.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh totally green with envy for both sari shops and curry. I had great sari shops in west London, I used the amazing fabrics for window dressings and shawls. I dare any woman to get out of one these shops empty handed!!

Meeting good bloggy friends is such a treat.

Jim said...

I Know I've beeN out of circulation for a bit... but you came to Leicester and didn't drop in? I'm outraged!