Friday, January 16, 2009

Lighting revolution

Well, only two posts on lamps, and already the rest of the lighting fixtures were getting restive. They were all complaining to expateek.

"When's it gonna be my turn? When?"

"You love MoonBall more than us! You do. Is it because he's prettier than us?"

"How come you dance around your bedroom with Miss Fringe's lampshade on your head, but not with mine?

*sigh* I guess I just don't light up your life anymore, do I, expateek?"

The lamps with bayonet-type bulbs started getting all angry and began rattling their sabres and talking about uprisings and guerrilla warfare style attacks. They were getting short-tempered and blowing their fuses right away.

The lamps with screw-type bulbs naturally became one giant pity-party with the predictable complaint, "We're getting screwed!"

So expateek is just going to go the quick and dirty route, and feature the rest of the gang. You don't mind, do you, Readers Reader? Bear with us. It's probably the last chance for some of them, before the long unelectrified trip across the ocean. One last chance to be in the spotlight, in fame's brilliant glare.

Give the kids a break, eh?

First up, the fraternal twins.

You read about the amazing twin story recently where one twin was born white and one black? This is just like that. Except one twin is school-bus yellow and one is teal blue. No one wanted these two. In fact, Teal had been beaten and his shade was in tatters. expateek adopted both of them from John Lewis' January Sales table, for the amazing price of £5 each. Not that you can put a price on love. She fitted out Teal with a new shade, and hey presto! Life's good again.

Next, the Alabaster sisters: Frances, Freya, and Finella.

They were cheap. So cheap.

And they don't mind expateek saying that. It's no reflection on them. Once again, one can pick up almost anything at the Ascot boot sale for £5.

The wonderful thing about these girls is that they're curvaceous. And curvaceous, in alabaster, equals bloody heavy. These gals will come in handy if expateek ever has to beat off beat up a robber. One clunk to the head, and it's lights out, buddy!

Of course, Georges Sand needs a nod.

She's in love with Chopin and sits atop the piano, waiting to hear her favorite nocturnes. Such a romantic! It's a pity that everyone's too busy packing to play the piano right now.

Then there's Arina.

She was gifted to expateek by a friendly client back in the UK. The client felt sorry for expateek in the dark little unfurnished flat of 2007, so voilà! Re-homed! We think she had another name at birth, since she might have come from IKEA. We think... her name might have been Dar. We like Arina better.

And finally, Satoshi,

who's all about natural materials and subtle mystery,

and the exotic Sunisa,

from a market stall in Thailand.

And that about wraps it up for today. It's lights out for now.

Cuz it's time for expateek's afternoon nap.



John said...

Will you have to refit all the lamps? I think I like Arena best.

Christine said...

Oops! John is my better half and I guess he was logged in which never ever happens because he usually uses the laptop. Yeash! John = me. I doubt if he would be at all interested in lamps seeing as how his idea of good art is the paint by number deer that he did when he was a kid.

Minnesota Matron said...

Lovely little tour.

expateek said...

John/Christine -- hey, I like your split personality! I thought that was such a practical comment, coming from a guy. Yes, I'll at least have to re-plug them, if I don't want to buy 15 adaptors. And the ones with bayonet bulbs... I don't know. They don't even sell bayonet style bulbs in Poland, so in America? Worrying....

MM-- Thank you, and welcome! I'll come over and visit at your place too...