Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Święty Mikołaj, Part Trzy

Comrade Święty Mikołaj!
What do we do now?

First of all, you can stop calling me comrade.
That is so over, especially here in Poland.
Just ask my friend Anna.

Hurry, we need to get the Santa Module out of the pod.
Here, Dmitri, give me a hand!
We don't have much time!

But Comrade, what does it mean, "Santa Module"?

Jebus, Mary and Jehosephat, you lumpkin.
Do I have to spell everything out?

Comrade, I'm sorry! I just don't understand.
Forgive me for being such a stupid Russian peasant!

Enough already with the comrade bizness.
Look, this isn't a real Santa, you dope.
See the crack along his belt-line?
Notice how quiet he is? No "ho-ho-ho-ing"?
Look, his top and bottom halves don't even line up!

We only have a few moments before the
Harbet-cylinder 4.7x Master-Units get here.
Quick, break open the module!

With what?

With your axe, you nitwit!
Come on! We've only got a few seconds!


But what is this, Comrade?

Dmitri, this comrade crap is gonna drive me nuts.
Look, it's the innermost Snowman 1.3b Command Centre.

It's gotten out!

No worries, pal.
I think our problems may take care of themselves.
Look behind you.
I think Santa's gonna be in a world of hurt.

Now let's get out of here.

Come on, follow me!



Gill - That British Woman said...


Gill in Canada......or should I say Comrade in Canada

expateek said...

Thanks, Comrade! xxx

Christine said...

Oh man...I have one of those pods! Eeeeeek! There appear to be a bunch of clones inside. Does Swiety Mikolaj have any advise?

Jaywalker said...

The sight of his grumpy form disappearing behind the Tabasco seems never to get old for me. More! More! More characters too please?

expateek said...

Christine -- no advice, as I'm afraid by now you've already been overrun. Better luck next time!

Jaywalker -- More characters? Your wish is my command, Madame....

Anonymous said...

"Look, this isn't a real Santa, his top and bottom halves don't even line up!" priceless