Monday, December 15, 2008

Święty Mikołaj has his patience tested

Even saints can be pushed to their limits, you know. It's part of the whole deal about being a saint. Generally, awful things happen, and saints are just supposed to shrug their shoulders and sigh, "Oh well. These people. They're only human, yeah?"

does this a couple of times a day, at least.

But today was really a trial! Because look what Święty Mikołaj has put up with this afternoon. It's a blasted photo-op. Look how cranky he is.

And all because we have a Russian visitor at our house. Actually an American visitor who had to leave Russia to sort out some visa difficulties, so as usual expateek's house will soon be bursting at the seams with her own children and other people's children and other people's children's friends and a few odd homeless people.

It makes for happy and chaotic holidays. The only kind we know how to do.

Fortunately, Christmas isn't canceled.


But let's check back with Święty Mikołaj to be sure.

He wasn't so bothered about the American visitor from Russia. Because after all. Kids! You know how disorganised they can be. Visas, deadlines, whatever. Sometimes you, a twenty-something-year-old American boy, just have to leave a country while you wait for things to get sorted out.

But look who the kid brought along! Jiminy Christmas!

So, anyway, Święty Mikołaj says: And you want me to pose with him?

I don't think so.

Excuse me, please.

I have some presents to wrap.

And I don't have my picture taken with... Russians!

I'm going off to have a Bloody Mary with Pani Tabasco here.

Come on, my little ryba.

She's a pretty hot little number, isn't she?

But wait! My Comrade! Come back!

Yesssss? This better be good.

I've brought you a present, Święty Mikołaj, all the way from Russia!

Look! A choinka! For you!

The saga continues tomorrow, and I'm warning you, it's not pretty. Stay tuned....



Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Stop-motion animated post, excellent

Jaywalker said...

Ah, I love his peevish little face and his gliding away behing the tabasco. More! More!

Anonymous said...
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