Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pop Quiz!

Here's a quiz/joke if you're just beginning to learn Polish. 

I'll warn you in advance. It's not that funny. Just in case you were putting your teacup down in breathless anticipation.

So here goes:

As you slowly sound out the following, you will be mouthing the words from what famous tune?

"Ły łyl, ły łyl rak ju!"

Just about the right tempo too, if you're anything like me. Slowwwww reader.

(Extra points if you can name the band. I had to Google it to be totally sure, because I am an utter idiot when it comes to artist/song associations. No musical Trivial Pursuit for me!)

And oh by the way, I've already forgotten the answer to this question.

Which question, you're asking? Ohhh, the "who is the band?" question, pardon me! Attention deficit disorder strikes again. I'm already thinking about something else. Forgive me.

 I Googled it only about six, count 'em, six days ago. Gad. Cotton fluff for brains.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I have no clue...I mean I have sat here and gone over it a few times, and I just don't get it? Hopefully you will post the answer at some point? PLEASE!!!

Gill in Canada

(the only thing I thought was Layla, but that's not by a group or is it?)

expateek said...

Here's a hint... the "l" with the little line through it sounds like a "w". The "y" sounds like a long "e". And the "j" sounds like a "y". How's that for confusing!
Will post the answer tomorrow!

Jim said...

Ahhh, Freddie M.

expateek said...

Good job, Jim! You win the prize of.... ummm... oh oh, I forgot about a prize! Let me get back to you on that!

isabella said...

"We will rock you" by Queen, right?
So, what's the prize?

(OK, I'll settle for someone removing this melody from my head, it's stuck in a loop ;-))