Saturday, October 25, 2008

I broke Blogger. Sorry guys!

I did it. It’s all my fault. I broke Blogger in Turkey.

We spent the week here, and I updated my blog a couple of times, and then about Wednesday I noticed that everything Blogger-related was slow or simply not happening.

I thought maybe it was me. My bad behaviour in this venue.

You know, I took up too much band-width at the hotel and the hotel manager looked at my personal site-viewing history, and said, “Whoah, boys, I think we’ve found the problem! It’s that twit up in Room 2513. She’s slowing down the whole damn hotel complex. Look at this! Blogspot here, Blogger there. Damn. Why doesn’t she just go out to the beach already?”

“I know what we’ll do, we’ll just restrict access to all Blogger stuff, just for her. That’ll get her outside and onto a sunbed. Bingo! Done!”

So fine, I gave up on Friday, decided to catch the last few rays before heading back to winter in Warsaw. And here I am at the Antalya airport, picking up some free wireless. Time to look at my blog again and think about what to write next.

I hit my Blogger bookmark, and this is what I see:

Blogger is apparently now OUTLAWED in Turkey. Or something! What can it all mean? What have I done now???

Gosh, I feel awful. It's always MY FAULT!!! Really!


Mrs. G. said...

Uh, no offence but with your technical track record could you stay away from my blog?

Just kidding. Hey POLAND!

expateek said...

OOOH! I'm honoured, Mrs. G! Promise I'll try not to jigger your stats from now on. Unless of course you want to have a HUGE-looking fanbase in Poland! It's certainly good for a homeschooling project or two. :-)