Monday, September 8, 2008

Unusual Olympic Sports

First, here's a photo of the All-Human Equestrian Event at the Bosman home.

My friend Janice was asking me what sport I'd take up if I were going to really seriously try for an Olympic medal.

You know. Seriously. As one does when one is still in the prime of one's life.

(Hold the laughter, thanks.)

"Rowing? You did that at university. Or perhaps swimming? You have swimmer's shoulders -- bet you'd be good at that!" I shrugged my shoulders. Janice and I had just completed a highly competitive afternoon of bowling at the lanes in Brighton, and our sporting souls were utterly stoked for even more sport, even after a full afternoon of crashing pins and careening bowling balls.

Janice, raking slender fingers through her short red hair, reckoned she'd take up fencing. All that nimble footwork and the clash of metal on metal! The swish of the rapier through the air! The swirling green cloak and the fine brown leather boots and gloves.

(Hang on, wrong century. Back up.)

So anyway, what would my sport be?

I would have to say.....

"Olympic-standard serial marathon Visiting!"

This involves taking airplane flights to wherever, and moving in with selected friends for periods of three days up to several months. (The last three years have given me a lot of practice at this noble enterprise.) I do visit friends at short notice, and for any length of time. Three days here, 6 days there, a week and a half on occasion. I try to be a pleasant guest, and haven't been kicked out of anyplace yet. At least, not that I noticed.

And so here, right now, is a huge thank you to all the friends who've put me up over the last few years. I owe a LOT of people. Big time.

A big shout out to Mary O, Ronalee, Kris J, Martha, Elna and Nollie, Emma H, Sooz and Don L, Sandie B, Mom & Dad, Fiona M, and most recently Janice.

You may have been a part of helping make my Olympic medal hopes and dreams come true!


Don said...

Miss Ellie, I will agree that you are a world-class visitor (or would it be better as a verb: "visiter"?)

Anyways, we're loving the blog, but we could use a visit, too! Come on up and see us sometime...

expateek said...

Just for that lovely comment, I'll add "and Don" to the thank you's!