Friday, September 26, 2008

NOT about Poland. Again.

I realise this isn't about Poland at the moment. Bear with me. I'll be back in Warsaw on Sunday.

Today we're rippin' up the museum scene in Bucharest (i.e., we're going to museums here in Bucharest). 

Mr D almost got us kicked out of the National Museum of Romania this afternoon. Easily done by answering his mobile phone in the 19th century Romanian Paintings Room using his "outside voice." This is also known as his cell-phone voice; I'm really not sure he even needs a mobile phone since he is audible at least into the next country without it. 

Why not just shout, Dear? No one really minds. It's just an old museum, after all.

This morning I also went to the house of a friend of a friend of a friend here in Bucharest (hi Gail! hi Tricia! hi Susan!) Welcome to the small world of expateek, where everyone knows someone who knows someone else who actually used to live next door to the sister of someone who is now your/my next door neighbor. 

Or something. Someone/something in Singapore by way of Aberdeen on the way to Bucharest.

Or was it Nigeria? I forget. 

But anyway. This was to help do some baking for Susan's 40th wedding anniversary party. You go, girlfriend! Way to stick with a "man plan"!

No idea why I was allowed to touch anything in the kitchen as I am a rubbish, high-anxiety baker who can't make any kind of sauce without creating lumps in it. Gah.

But mainly, we want to say.....

Happy Anniversary to Susan! And many, many more....

(Top secret carrot cake recipe, I think.)

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