Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hitchcock films. Sheesh, again??

Nothing seemed amiss when I checked into the hotel in Leicester. Okay, it was never going to be the Old Winter Palace in Luxor, or the Sofitel El Gezirah in Cairo, not for £56 a night.

"Just one night?"

"Yes, please."

"Okay, luv, here's the key. Room 21. Breakfast's from 7 to 9. Room's up two flights of stairs."

I took the key and started toward the stairs.

It all looked rather dilapidated and everything was a little worn at the edges, but for £56, I wasn't going to complain too much.

And then I saw the sign...

It seemed rather ominous. That and the fact that everything was suddenly only in black and white. 

I looked up. Well, just a suitcase and my laptop bag. It wouldn't be too bad.

Made it to the first floor. One more flight of stairs...

Yes, and Room 21. And .... the "Honeymoon Suite".  All just one more flight up.

Interesting place to spend one's honeymoon, no? In Leicester, no less. Ah well, it takes all sorts, I suppose.

So one more flight of stairs. My breath was coming in gasps now. Partly due to the effort, partly due to the fright I was giving myself, hearing that mysterious music playing in my head.

Down a narrow hallway, to the room. Room 21. I went inside and turned on the light.

I turned toward the mirror, and....

Oh my god! My God!
Oh Nooooooooooo..........!!!!!

The shock! The horror! This is where I'll be sleeping tonight! 

Shall I ring for room service?


Jim Roberts said...

Loved this item about the hotel in Leicester. I think I know which on. Thanks for commenting on my blog (a village life); it's a real encouragement.

I decided to read back and was horrified at your experiences in South Africa - we're going next year. Finally, it's a condition of our insurance that the setting of my wife's diamond ring is checked every 2 years. Think on... as they say here.

Baglady said...

Love it. I love that you took the photos and that the place was so grim. Sooo funny!

(I know this post is ancient but MLS just retweeted an old post about hotels and you put the link to this in your comment. I never saw this at the time...)