Friday, January 15, 2016

A little bit of London

I've been laughing out loud at this great new Adele video. Let's see if I still remember how to embed a link!

I've been an Adele fan for a couple of years, listening to "25" on repeat with a friend of mine until we knew every song inside and out. It's impossible to be "Adele-ed out" but we almost got there. Fortunately, not quite.

So here's a great way to start out your morning. Hysterically funny, plus Adele's amazing eyeliner!

And even better, a nostalgic tour of London. The double decker buses! The park! Curry's and CarphoneWarehouse! (Carphones? What?) Royal Albert Hall!

And of course, a rainy grey day. Adele worries about the weather -- "it'll make Americans think that Britain is rubbish".

As if.

And just in case, here's another link if you want to learn how to do eyeliner. I have no use for this, with my wrinkly old-lady eyes, but you might. It's all about geometry and Scotch tape.

Have fun.

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