Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On the Road Again...

Well, not much news from me lately... I left the laptop at home for two weeks and after the first couple of days of painful withdrawal, I've almost adjusted. Almost. I check the Blackberry only 50 times a day, but that's about it.

We're making our way up the West Coast -- first to Los Angeles, to see my artist friend Francey for a few days, and to take in the Getty, the Norton Simon Museum, and the Gamble House. Then to Santa Barbara, where we were bit players in Aphrodite: The Extravaganza, as she graduated from UCSB on Sunday.

Now we're in Oregon, to visit family, and then it'll be up to Seattle, to see Peregrine, our eldest. Nothing like a nice relaxing 6,000 mile round trip!

Should be back to blogging at the weekend, when I've recovered from jet lag. At least it's only 2 hours difference, rather than 9.


Girl Interrupted said...

Oooh ... ok, I need to know more about Aphrodite: The Extravaganza!!!!

Have a good trip home.

Ps: Love your new header! Vic is such a multi-talented lady!

Mr London Street said...

Nice to have you back, was starting to worry about where you'd got to.

Anna said...

Are you going to be in Vancouver by any chance on Friday morning? We could MEET!!! And I'm stuck at the airport from 00:30AM to noon :) (It's not that far from Seattle, right?) LOL!
Have a good trip home!

Christine said...

That is quite the circut! If you hang around Seattle for a couple of months we could meet. LOL