Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Me and my popular friend!!!

Look what happens when you make friends with the most popular girl at school! And then she does a make-over for you over at her house, so the next day you show up all beautiful and different looking in homeroom! Wowza! Thanks, Vic!

And just disregard that I have, apparently, 735 emails in my inbox. I don't really, I just photoshopped that number in to try to make myself look super popular, like Vic. It worked, didn't it? You were fooled You believe me, right?

Because I haven't racked up enough airmiles this month, I'm off to California today to find Vic and abduct her attend Aphrodite's graduation at UCSB. Should be fun, but I'll be away from the computer for a bit. That'll be me, trying to figure out how to mobile blog during the ceremony. Because there are never enough ways to be an inattentive mother, and I like to be at the cutting edge of neglectful technological solutions.

Ta ta for now, friendies!


Mr London Street said...

I really should add Sitemeter but I have a feeling it would depress me.

Iota said...

Wow, great new look!

Vic said...

I'm laughing that FINALLY I'm described as 'popular'! (I was always that girl in the corner with the book and the slightly weird clothes...)

Have a great trip! (Maybe I'll catch up with you, in a totally non-stalkerish way??) :)

Miss Yvonne said...

The same thing happened to me when I started following Vic around...lots more visitors. She's like the popular cheerleader of blogging.

expateek said...

MLS -- it's odd, but it doesn't really give you a full picture of who's reading, who's subscribing, and whatnot... Still, it does give you cool barcharts that you can print off and hold in your hand when you jump off a bridge because you lost a Follower. *sob*

Iota -- thank you, m'dear. Thinking of you, xx!

Vic -- I'm in your neighborhood now... watch out! No srsly, as Miss Yvonne says... you're the leader of the pack: The Prom Queen (but way nicer that those nasty old hags!) (Oh, gosh, I hope you weren't Prom Queen! Please, please, say you weren't!)

Miss Y -- I think you're the next phenom... You crack me up. Thanks for all the the CLAW imagery! I have to find one of those babies on the internetz now.

Crabby McSlacker said...

"Because there are never enough ways to be an inattentive mother, and I like to be at the cutting edge of neglectful technological solutions."

That TOTALLY cracked me up.

I can get completely obsessed with site statistics, don't even get me started.

In fact, maybe I better go take a look...