Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fashion Forward

Gaw, expateek's finally figured it out!

The real reason that le French boss of the bad news decided to return Mr D to the USA from Warsaw!

Not because Polish sales results were fantastic for 2008. Though they were.

Not because everyone in Poland really liked Mr D. Though they did.

Not because the global economy demanded that cost-cutting solutions be initiated. Though it was true.

No, in fact, it's because Mr D threatened the fragile sense of self-worth of le French boss of the bad news.

Because frankly, people, Mr D is too fashion-forward, even for the French, who have been left behind in the dust, shaking their heads in despair.

"Jacques! Marc! Jean-Paul! Why can we not be as formidable as Monsieur D? Why are we but pale, out-of-date shadows of this great man?"

"Ah, Michel, I am afraid, eet ees ze glasses. Once again, he has made fools of us with his early adoption of the latest fashion trends. How could we be so slow, mes amis? Eet is a good thing we have sent him back to ze States. He makes us all look terrible! La hônte! Ze shame! We may nevair recover!

Et voilà. Here is Monsieur D, in all his scintillating glory.



Michel said...

Who is monsieur D?? I do like those glasses. I might need a pair!

expateek said...

He's my husband -- for almost 30 years. I don't mind him wearing my glasses, but he has kind of a fat head (7 5/8 or 61 cm when fitted for Ascot races) so I try to discourage this sort of thing!