Monday, April 13, 2009

Scullery maid

expateek doesn't like to complain, but she was pretty irritated when she realized that Mr D had skipped town for three days, leaving her to clean the roasting pan. Unfortunately, though expateek is a slattern, even she cannot leave a pan with lamb drippings to "soak" for the better part of a week. Never mind that Mr D cooked the Easter dinner all by himself, with roasted lamb, baked sweet potato, sautéed broccoli rabé, salad, and a good bottle of red wine.

Since you ask, of course expateek helped out. She did this by:

  1. setting the table
  2. pouring the wine
  3. playing Word Twist on her laptop.

No, Mr D did everything.

It's a wonder expateek puts up with him.

But now that Mr D is flying off to do electrical things in the sparkley global world of circuit breakers and industrial power supplies, expateek is free to blog, and sulk, and do the dishes.

In other exciting news from last week, expateek and Mr D attended a repatriation workshop. Frankly, expateek was skeptical. She figured most of the time would be spent learning how to blend back into American life. Topics might include...

How to gain weight.

A Fat Cat, originally uploaded by *phototristan.

How to wear track suits and trainers 24/7.

How to talk really really loud ALL THE TIME.

Courtesy, originally uploaded by stirwise.

(Apparently, expateek has turned into a phone shouter as well. That's according to Mr D, but who's gonna believe him?)

The repatriation workshop was helpful, and considered things like amending your expectations, setting new goals, and looking at the positives.

Fine. But today, expateek is using the patented Annette Taylor method of coping with an intercontinental relocation, which involves staying in bed with a cuppa tea, Amaretti biscuits, and a good book.

Ta ta!

Or just ta. expateek's too tired for exclamation points and suchlike.



Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when the men get to do all the work? No, in fact, we don't...

Enjoy your tea in bed!

You're a very funny lady!

expateek said...

Why thank you, my dear, and so are you! I'm enjoying my lazy lifestyle, and my speciality is complaining, so it all fits together in the perfect little package!

Christine said...

I think that you have hit on the best way to repatriate. You could run your own seminars. All you need is lots of tea, comfy recliners and good books. Oh ya, cookies. No biscuits. Biscuits are not cookies. Biscuits are cookies only in Europe. Cookies are cookies in North America.