Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg... just one

Because expateek's children are all over the planet,

and because Mr D absolutely refuses to eat hard-boiled eggs,

and because expateek is kind of on a diet,

there won't be an Easter egg hunt chez expateek this morning.

The eggs are thus extremely pleased to be allowed a lie-in this morning,

and are still resting comfortably abed, in the fridge.

IMG_6850 egg, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!

And enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning...



Hannah Rose said...

Expateek's children are unlucky to be spread around the world, because I think they ALL want an Easter egg hunt today

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hannah Rose. Expateek's children should probably be compensated with an egg hunt the next time they are all fortunate enough to congregate.

expateek said...

expateek's children will definitely have an egg hunt in June... expateek is going out to buy some eggs in the post-Easter sales. Do you suppose they'll last until summer?