Sunday, April 12, 2009

Call a Polish plumber, please

IMG_5269 fartex

If this guy* can't get the air out of your pipes, then expateek has no idea who to phone.

* N.B. Not a company of Polish plumbers, in fact. Check them out here for some very interesting "English language" text about what these guys do. Also ogle the hot Polish girl in bikini and tool-belt.

Because it's just not industrial without some hard-core drillin' goin' on.



Anonymous said...

Oh - that's too funny! As is the South African one too in an earlier post.

expateek said...

This is why I really shouldn't be allowed to drive a car -- to many opportunities to take photos. And they complain about people who talk on the phone. Hah!

I will whinge and say that being an expat has totally destroyed my ability to play Word Twist... "Kak", that's a word, isn't it? No? Dammit!