Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bored yet?

Clearly, the post about BlogHer was a big sleeper... yawn... expateek knows! She got it!

It's late, and she's still packing for her big pirate adventure which begins tomorrow. She gave Mr D the lecture on how to do the banking and what about the utility bills and here's the cord for the yadda yadda and don't forget to iron my bedsheets while I'm gone.

And then suddenly, he was asleep.

Poor thing. He's all broken up that expateek will be gone for a week. Or something. Clearly, expateek's not as fascinating as she thinks she is.

Anyway, expateek will have very limited internet access, because you know you uncivilised the British Virgin Islands are, and so... yeah. Plus there's no DSL/wireless connection on a sailboat at sea, and expateek is already feeling a little bit sea-sick at the thought.

There's just a little bit of flurrying and worrying left before expateek wakes up tomorrow at o'dark thirty. She's got to charge her phone and camera, and then she has to lie awake worrying about things for another four hours, until she gets to "wake up" again.

And what is she worrying about? Oh, in fact, she's so over pirates.

No, now it's swine flu. What if expateek and her BFF's go out to sea for a day or so, and when they come back, everyone is just an oozing puddle of protoplasm on the pavement, and expateek and her girlfriends are the only ones still alive on the planet? Because that would be just expateek's luck. Like The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, but with a more lovely cast.

Just speculating. Could be a problem. expateek thinks that pirates sound like a walk in the park by comparison.

And with that, nite nite. See you in a week's time...


Christine said...

Have a great time and may any pirates you meet be cut. We will all be here when you get back. I can guarantee you that there will be no protoplasm oozing for my part. I own 10 gallons of hand sanitizer.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I think I have more of a chance at contracting Swine Flu than you, with all the Scottish piggies roaming around; I won't play with them though, if that makes you feel better.

Hit 40 said...

Hope you had a good trip... do not bring back the pirate flu.

cute blog! The widget on the side that shows where we pop in from always creeps me out!!

carma said...

Stopping by from Bossy's place to say "hi" :-)