Monday, February 9, 2009

Expat? Nopat. Whatpat?

expateek's feeling like a woman without a country. She's left Poland behind now, sadly. This week, she's visiting in England, her home from 2002-2005, and again 2006-2007, but she feels like she doesn't belong there anymore either. And she's not yet back to the Old Country, or the New Country, or whatever the heck you'd call the ol' US of A. So she feels pretty much displaced. She doesn't really belong anywhere.

She's a bit gloomy.

She envies those who've lived in the same house for 30 years, and know exactly which drawer the scissors are in, and where the car registration is kept, and who is the best butcher in town.

Because right at the moment, she knows absolutely nothing about anything, and she feels pretty strange.

Being a no-pat is damned disorienting.



Anonymous said...

You need a t-shirt printing with the words 'in transit' on. That might help to tide you over for a while. Either that or come to my house for coffee. I'll tell you which train to catch and you can always rifle through my scissor drawer.

justme said...

Well I am in awe of anyone who has a special scissor drawer. Its really pretty much hit and miss whether I can ever find ANYTHING. I do think Katyboo's T shirt sounds good though. Hope you are at least managing to have sonme fun in England......not in Kent are you? You could come aand visit and the chaos in which I ALWAYS live would undoubtedly cheer you up!

Christine said...

I have been in my house for 30 years and I can not find the scissors. Once and a while, I stumble into them.

I think katyboo has a great offer: coffee and a free rummage through her scissor drawer.

Iota said...

This is the worst point. It can only get better.

You could always go to Texas and live in a ranch, which would make you a cowpat.

expateek said...

katyboo -- "In transit" - that's good. Better than "I'm with stupid" and the old arrow, especially since Mr D's already in Chicago.

justme -- yes, it is fun here. Off to see Wicked tonight. Can't wait. Although here I am awake since 1am and now it's almost 5. Hopefully I can get a nap in somewhere today. And now I can show you how ignorant I am. Where again is Kent? I think you're east of me, yeah?

Chris -- I hope you haven't cut yourself in your stumbling! Leave the scissors to the hairdressers, please, darling!

Iota -- LOL, didn't see that cowpat coming. Whoah! Duck!

Anonymous said...

Cheer up. You'll know where you are soon enough, the home of the free and the land of the brave!

BarryKevin said...

I know what you mean expateek. What you must prepare for--something that nobody had warned me about--was an existing problem with returning expats called "Reverse Culture Shock". I had returned to the states (I didn't have an established home back there since I divorced and left Virginia) after spending 2 1/2 years in Greece on the quiet island of Crete. I wasn't prepared for the U.S. when I returned. The states weren't the same. TO make a long story short, I stayed in northern Virginia for one year and couldn't stand it anymore! After one year, I threw most of my personal belongings out in the trash and hopped on a plane to Prague to cet my TEFL cert. I was there for almost a year, when I had to return home to take care of my critically sick mom in NYC--where I am writing to you from. At my first opportunity, I am leaving back to Europe, maybe Poland as well. Look up this not-so-often heard of syndrome. Surround yourself with friends and loved ones. The world of luck to you, Expateek.

expateek said...

Even if you lived in the same house for thirty years, there would be absolutely no way you would know where anything in the house is, so I don't think you are missing much.
Miss T