Friday, February 13, 2009

Blog meet gone horribly wrong

Well, expateek was thrilled last night to meet up with the beautiful Pochyemu.

IMG_6644 p at table, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

We met at Piccolino's in Virginia Water for a quick bite. We talked about life, and blogging, and Poland, and Estonia, and studying, and of course procrastination. It appears we both have advanced degrees in putting things off.

It all got funnier and funnier, especially when we both shared that we'd each had a moment of Oh my God, I could be meeting up with a serial killer at Piccolino's! as we approached the restaurant. But no! Heavens! We each were who we'd purported to be, we thought...

IMG_6646 e and p smiling, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

We laughed more and more, and then Pochyemu said that Rob wanted her to text at 7:30, just to make sure she was safe. How sweet! Obviously, a caring and concerned partner. And of course, she was safe at 7:30 pm. We were just finishing up dessert.

We started talking about various bloggers we like or don't like, and I must admit I got off on a rant about Dooce, who I confess I find hostile, unpleasant, and self-absorbed. Of course, Dooce herself says she's all those things, so maybe I should just take her off my reading list.

Anyway, I thought everything was okay, but then Pochyemu excused herself to go to the loo, and when she came back...

IMG_6648 p attacks, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

Sheesh, maybe I really made her mad about my Dooce bashing. Or something!

I decided to fight fire with fire, and grabbed some cutlery, and we started slashing at each other right in the restaurant!

IMG_6649 e attacks, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

But then the cute waiter came over and intervened and said, Why don't I take another photo of you two girls? And everything kind of calmed down, but as you can probably see from the picture, maybe we were both still a little crazy, or upset, or something.

IMG_6647 e and p with fingers, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

Well, I thought it was all okay, and we paid the bill and hugged and promised to meet again, and then walked out into the snowy car park. As I opened the boot to put my things in, she gave me a sudden shove, and damn if I wasn't pushed right into my own car boot!

IMG_6650 e in boot, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

I was so frightened! It all became clear. Pochyemu was out to get me! Terrifying!

I leapt out of the car boot, and as they say, a struggle ensued, and I then pushed her right back into the boot myself.

IMG_6651 p in boot w shoes, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

I tried to get her all the way in, especially because I didn't want to hurt her feet when I slammed down the hatch. Because she had really cute shoes on, which could be my size.

IMG_6652 p in boot, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

At this point, I think I pretty much had the upper hand, and I swear on my stack of stolen Bibles, I let her out almost right away. Because I knew she'd just signed up for Twitter, and I didn't want her Twittering from the back of my car, Help! It's really dark in here! Rob! Check out expateek's blog for clues! expateek's turning left now, toward the Great Park. Please! Rob! Come find me! Help!

Cuz that would so blow my story, and I'm meeting up with Katyboo in Leicester on Tuesday.

Ta ta for now!



justme said...

Mad! Completely! Watch out, Katyboo!

expateek said...

By the way, justme, where exactly are you in Kent? I might have some free time ... ;-)

Jaywalker said...

Right. So now I am EVEN MORE JEALOUS I couldn't come. DAMN. I want to shove you in the boot of MY CAR. SHOUTY CAPITALS. Bah.

expateek said...

Your time will come, darling! Next time I'm over, we'll arrange something. I think Belgium has a corner on serial killers, non? What's one more, here or there? x

Christine said...

Now I know that you are quite MAD! I only had suspicions until now. I am going to go and calculate the distance between Saskatchewan and Chicago.

screamish said...

yes Dooce. I got hooked for a while but in the end she gave me a headache. But she makes gazzillions of bucks so good luck to her. Just goes to show, SNARK PAYS!

my security comment code is INGESIV. Is this a gum disease?

Anonymous said...

I had the exact same fear when I met Bronxbee today. Glad to know I wasn't the only one! We had no car boots to shove each other in though. Gah!
I will wear my ninja assassin suit when we meet. I may even leap out of some shrubs!

expateek said...

God, I cannot wait! I will have my camera at the ready. Let's scout for sexy looking shrubs beforehand, yeah? Better photo-op if they're long and pointy. Please bring cutlery, mine's all in cartons on the way to the USA and the security people always confiscate my knives when I fly through Frankfurt. Obsessive Germans!

I'll ask Amy of The Attic to come too. (She won't suspect a thing! Makes it a lot easier if you catch them unawares....)

expateek said...

Christine -- you've found me out... i'll tell you now, it's only 1417 miles from Chicago to the middle of Saskatchewan... what town are you in? (only so I can get a better mileage estimate!)

Love to come visiting. I'll bring my knitting needles and yarn and whatnot. Those things aren't dangerous, despite what the airport people say....

expateek said...

screamish -- I know, snark pays, but it just gets my goat, to the nth degree. And I don't even own a goat. Gah!

Don said...

Thank goodness I read this post after your visit to our home. I would've been concerned that I would have to take part in a photoplay of come sort. (Or perhaps compelled to take part; not sure which.)

Anonymous said...


I'm beginning to think Jamie and I got off very lightly.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

OMG two were far too crazy to meet in quiet and sedate Virginia Water! Looks like an absolute hoot and I agree about DOOCE!

Anonymous said...
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