Friday, January 23, 2009

Ungulates on wheels

You heard it here first.

It's a trend, and you know expateek's all about trends and what's totally cool and new.

Reporting from Vienna, Austria, expateek's gonna just say three words...

Ungulates on wheels.

Because, check it out, people!
Yesterday, in the Natural History Museum,
we came across these bad boys hanging out in a dark corner.

They're just having a little convo before they roll outside and bust some old-school tricks.

And then today, expateek came across yet another bad betty
as she finished up a day of vert-skating in the Museum Quarter.

She can really shred!


Amy said...

I can beat that. Check out the tiger snuff box on wheels:

Truly horrible, yet strangely compelling.

expateek said...

Holy CATS, Amy! You totally win! That's one of the most appalling things I've ever seen. Of course, now I want one...

Hannah Rose said...
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Hannah Rose said...

Some mothers teach their children vocabulary designed to more effectively express themselves.

Mine teaches me words designed to confuse the public at large.

Efforts to inject "ungulates" into everyday conversation commence today.

Anonymous said...
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