Monday, January 19, 2009


Royal Mail, originally uploaded by Frank Wales.

Just in case you Brits are interested, expateek has been singlehandedly keeping the Royal Mail afloat for the last year or two.

You can say thank you now. And you're welcome.

Oh, they might go on strike every now and again, sure. They'll try to persuade you all that they need more money.

But don't be fooled!

's been footin' the whole bill. What with those crazy redirection fees [£74.75 x 8 bazillion because she moved about 8 times in the last 2.5 years], all your handsome British posties have nothing to worry about with their pensions and their health care benefits.

Oops, sorry! You can even forget about worrying about health care benefits for postal workers, because they're already covered! That's a really nice thing about the UK. expateek forgot about the NHS, because Duh! she's American and she only really has health benefits if she's employed, which apparently she is not, although she would beg to disagree as she considers blogging and packing boxes -- or blogging whilst packing boxes -- a rather noble calling, though the pay is shit)....

So she frowned with irritation when she realised yesterday that she would have to forward her mail yet again. She wondered if there's a limit to the number of address stickers that can be plastered over a mailing address before the envelope just throws up its imaginary hands in disgust and self-destructs.

Self-immolation, perhaps, preferably in one of those charming red post boxes in a small village by the sea somewhere. Because this over-burdened envelope we're talking about is not going to go quietly into that good night. Oh no. It's going to take some Argos catalogs with it on the way out.

And while we're talking about the Royal Mail, did expateek ever tell you that posties have great legs?

Overtake the postie, originally uploaded by hugovk.

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Christine said...

What a royal pain. That is why I don't move.