Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Management style, 101

Just the other day, expateek was saying to Mr D
that one of the things she really likes about him
is that he never nags.

He never nags, because after 30 years of dealing with expateek,
he knows that with her unbelievably stubborn streak
and her passive-aggressive tendencies,
nagging is the last thing that will encourage her to get anything done.

Like a mule, she will stop in her tracks and do nothing. For hours. Days, even.

And even when the house is a disaster scenario,
the movers are arriving in under three weeks,
and things are horrible and hectic at work,
he never leaves her notes like this...

IMG_6229, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

Because he knows that it would be counterproductive in the extreme.

In fact, this is the kind of note that expateek would leave
if she were in charge.
Thank goodness she's not!

Instead, Mr D leaves notes like this,
which expateek finds on the kitchen table long after he's gone to work.

IMG_6230, originally uploaded by ehdindigo.

Pretty sweet, right?

And has expateek completed these two requests today?

Ummmm. Not quite yet. Workin' on it though.



Avray said...

Hey, thank you for taking the time to come over and visit my blog, yes it is me in colorado, at least for the time being. We are still at the wait and find out where we are going to and I am begining to run out of patience. Come to think of it I am not so impatient to face all of the things on the to-do list at the time of removals. You seem to be keeping your sense of humour in the face of it!

expateek said...

Avray -- always a pleasure... I love your photos, by the way. Yes, waiting is a big pain. I hate it. Right now I'm coping by remembering that it'll all be over soon. The run-up is definitely the worst.

Keep writing! It does take the edge off.