Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goodnight, moon

Well, it's the countdown. Three weeks from tomorrow, moving men will come to expateek's house and they'll pack up every single thing into cardboard boxes, using rolls and rolls of sticky labels and packing tape. Then they'll load all those boxes into a shipping container, and every last speck of it will be out-of-sight, out-of-mind for a couple of months.

Possibly leaving expateek out-of-her-mind, but never mind.

When expateek thinks about moving yet again, she calms down by contemplating her lovely lamp. It reminds her of a favorite childhood book, Goodnight Moon.

And she takes some small comfort in the fact that the moon in the night sky will still look the same, no matter where expateek ends up on the planet.



Christine said...

Love the lamp. They will probably pack that too? Ahhhh...that would make me nuts. do you know where you are going yet? That would be nice for you to know. That way you could start to get mentally prepared. Maybe they will send you to Saskatchewan which is probably one of the only places on the planet that is not in recession and has a very, very low unemployment rate and is recruiting labor. You already know some French so you could even read the flip side of the labels rather than have to turn the item around to get to the English.

Don said...

You would think, with all the times I read that book, I could remember more of it. There was a room? And a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush? And a red balloon? I remembered that I liked it, though.

So- where are you going to? Any ideas???

expateek said...

C -- they will pack the lamp, but I don't know whether it will work in the USA ... have to ask Mr Electricity about that one! It looks like it'll be Chicago for now, but possibly another move later in 2009? I may buy a yurt to live in -- I think they're easier to move.

Don -- best book ever, non?

Regarding the transfer: Mr D has a temporary project based in Chicago ... then "we'll see what develops" ... probably yet another moving van on the horizon? Looks like an exciting year *sigh* coming up. However, I feel pretty upbeat. Having the kids grown makes it much simpler.

justme said...

Well.....I am very impressed by your calm optimism! Long may it last. And chicago may be fun, after all!

Gill - That British Woman said...

good luck with the move......are you happy with moving back to the States?

We had a full moon here last night.

Gill in Canada

Expat mum said...

Chicago IS fun, but bloody cold. Apparently we are due for an Alberta Clipper this week which will take the temps down to -10 FARENHEIT. Aaghh. And the 5 year old has lost his snow pants!

expateek said...

Gill -- it was funny, I went outside late last night and there was the full moon. The snow looked blue and the stars twinkled and everything seemed quite right with the world.
As to the move, we've lived in Chicago twice before, so it'll (sort of feel like home). I'm looking forward to being closer to family, at least for a while.

EM-- If you're in Chicago, maybe we can meet up. Glen Ellyn's the spot. I probably have some snowpants in storage... will look for them. Brrrr!