Monday, December 15, 2008

Święty Mikołaj, Part Deux

You brought me a what?

A choinka! You know, a Christmas tree! And all the way from Russia.
Isn't it beautiful? So full! So sparkley.
Even the ride on the PKP train didn't knock the ornaments off.
Can you believe my luck?



That's no choinka, you stupid peasant!

No? But it is, I'm sure of it!

It's an alien pod-craft, you fool!

But I don't understand, Święty Mikołaj.
What could possibly have gone wrong?
I chopped it down myself.

Idiot. Just wait. This is a blinkin' disaster.
You weren't watching the tree every second, were you?

Well, no....

Look, Dmitri, the Harbet-cylinder 4.7x Master-Units
have substituted their pod for your tree.

Oh my God! Look! You're right! The tree! It's not a tree! It IS a pod-craft!

Holy hot dang!

Look. Behind you! The 4.7x Master-Units! All three of them!

Dear Lord, run! Run for your life!

No! Stand your ground.
Let's just see what the planet Wołtran has in store for us.

It can't be worse than what happened in '96,
when expateek canceled Christmas.

Come on, Dmitri, man.
You've messed up bad,
but we can turn this thing around.
Now go grab some magnets and some barbed fishhooks
and let's make a plan!

More to come tomorrow.
And I warn you, about tomorrow?
Well, violence and strong language
from the outset of programming.
Just to let you know.



Christine said...

Bwaaha!! I can hardly wait!

Christina said...

These are hilarious! I saw one of those Santas around town after reading Part 1 and was keeping a close eye on it since it might start talking!

expateek said...

Hi, Christine and Christina -- Never fear, the fevered imagination of expateek goes into overdrive at the holidays. More to come...