Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas, with love from The Company

It's safe to say that this is expateek's mood today.

And yesterday. And the day before too.

Because we got a phone call...

from Mr D's lovely new
French boss
in Paris
the other day,

(Isn't he charming?)

and due to the current global financial crisis
The Company is canceling every expat contract possible.

This means that Mr D's tenure in Poland
is over
as of February 1st.

And we'll be moving back home. Or home-"ish".
(Do excuse me while I curl up into a small ball...)

And wherever the heck might that be?
Chicago? Nashville? Raleigh?
Boston? Philadelphia? Oregon?
Somewhere, USA?

expateek wants to pull the covers
back over her head
and pretend she doesn't know about this.

Because she knows what it all means.
Moving men.
(Well, Polish moving men... maybe that's a good thing?)

Saying goodbye to friends again.

Postponing dissertation again,
as writing about Polish museums won't be an option.

Closing out bank accounts.
Giving away the contents of the freezer.
Turning off the phone and internet.

Temporary living arrangements.
Imposing on family and friends.
Trying to pack 25,000 lbs of crap
in a 20,000 lb bag.

Not to mention that she loves Poland
and feels sick about leaving.
Oh well.
Never mind.

Merry Christmas
from Corporate!

Might as well throw away
any eyeliner in the make-up kit,
because God knows there'll be
tears before teatime.

The one bit of aluminum foil lining
is that Mr D does still have a job.
Have to keep you posted on that one.



Christine said...

Bummer! I don't think that there is anything that I could write that could cheer you up.

expateek said...

Oh, well, I'm just dragging my tailfeathers a little today. Things could be so much worse. Moving in the depths of a Warsaw winter doesn't seem very appealing, but after 11 or 14 moves, depending on how you count, I should be used to anything by now!

It's just a shame, because we'd barely gotten our feet wet here -- a year and a half is not enough time to really feel at home, especially with such a big language difference. But the bright spot is that we will be much closer, physically, to three of the four kids. And our parents. That will be really nice...

Hope your Christmas is good. You must be happy to be home again. Your tree is lovely, by the way, and your knitting is great! Love the mousie slippers!

Take it easy, and enjoy the hols,
Thinking of you,
x e

Anonymous said...

Holy Crapola, Batman!

French. Say no more. Sorry to hear this expateek. As you say 18 months is not long enough but in the current environment all kinds of silly things are happening.

Expats tend to be top of the list of "luxury items" sometimes.

Good news must surely be that your blog will still be here, right?

La Belette Rouge said...

Oh, poor you!! I know that hell you are going through. We have moved 6 times in the last two years and My He-weasel was let go one time and another time the company was taken into receivership. Three states in two years and so trust me when I say that I have been there and that is SUCKS!! I am so very sorry you are going through this.

Pochyemu said...

Oh no! I am so sorry for you - and you had only just gotten settled in, hadn't you??

I'm wishing you lots of chocolates and booze and hugs from your kids to get over the dissapointment.

Can't you move back to Ascot, for my sake? I need you there! Pretty please?!

mira said...

Els, that must be hurting... Who am I going to visit now in Warsaw? My other friend there is kind of boring on his home turf... At least... please consider coming to Chicago... We got mountains of snow and a skating rink on Lake Ellyn... I'll serve excellent hot chocolate... and good wine....

pinolona said...

Aw no you're leaving!! Really sorry to hear that. I know it's horrible leaving Poland...

Anyway I hope you have a lovely Christmas and enjoy the holidays!

(ps Polish moving men?? Not so much...)

expateek said...

Scatts -- yes, it's just perfect. I know Mr D thinks I'm a luxury item too, now and again. Oh well, time for some belt tightening... But it'll be fine. Gives me LOTS of new material! The FRENCH. Soon to be a violent action movie!

belette -- I was inspired by your phone number change. One does adjust, eventually, right? Right? RIGHT? oh *sigh*. Another six months of life on hold. Love your new blog format, by the way.

polychemu -- Ascot, oh Ascot. That would be nice. When I come over to the UK in Jan or Feb let's get together, before my long flight o'er the pond?

mira -- Chicago is first on the list. Especially since I can practice my 100 word Polish vocabulary with YOU!!! xxx

pino -- oh, the moving men were going to be the bright spot. Maybe I'll call ahead to book the young hot ones. Are there any? I prefer tall and muscular. They don't have to talk much. In fact, it's better that way... ;-)

The Team said...

Hi there expateek,

Sorry to hear you are moving from Poland, but the world is wide and big and wonderful ( I am trying to sound like Nina Simone...)

Couldn't find you on Technorati: have you claimed your blog there?

Anyway a very Merry Christmas and New Year is what I wish you. Hope to see you continue blogging in the new year.

Best Wishes


expateek said...

Hi Denford -- Thanks for the good wishes. As you say, the world is big, wide, and wonderful... and since I have such a short memory, I've already forgotten how crabby I was yesterday. My problems are miniscule compared to those you and your countrymen must face every day.

All the best to you. Continued good health and safety... and keep up the great work and fascinating news analysis from Zim.

Hope the new year brings better news for everyone there.

Best wishes, e

Pochyemu said...

Yes! Let's! You just tell me when and where, darling!

Also, your son is gorge - can I please marry him?

Don said...

Miss Ellie- that is really sucky news. I feel for you- and I'm an expat husband, so it's well known I have few feelings, which means this must be really bad for you. Hang in there!!!!!!

expateek said...

Oh well, c'est la vie. Strangely, I feel quite neutral about the whole thing. I'm REALLY going to miss Europe, but presumably there'll still be planes flying back and forth, so...

Feelings about The Company? Hmmmm. I think therapy will help, but it's a long grueling road ahead.

It's so interesting to learn that you, an expat husband, have feelings too! Now that caught me completely by surprise. Who woulda known? Perhaps I shall have you on the blog as a guest at some future date -- you're quite the scientific curiosity! I'm sure people would be fascinated to learn more!