Friday, December 19, 2008

Air shipment, slightly camera-shy

Yes, expateek got another great Christmas prezzie in the air drop today.

Cuz, lookee here.

Tarquin Junior arrived this morning!

And closed his eyes for the flash.

He smiled for one picture.

And then, once we got home,
he immediately entered the obligatory
jet-lagged COMA state ...

that we have come to know and love.


Welcome home, kid number 2!

Only one more kid to go...

Then expateek can sleep at night,
and enjoy the holidays!



pinolona said...

I recognise that coma state. My parents' Christmas presents look like that too.

Christine said...

My kids used to do that and they were not even jet lagged! was always so nice to have them home.

expateek said...

Yes, it is awesome to have them all here. At last!