Thursday, December 4, 2008

Air shipment arrives

I had to go out to the airport Tuesday morning for a pickup...

Look what I got!

My Christmas pressie three weeks early!

My lovely third child came "home" to Poland,

after being away for a whole year.

She spent half the year in California, studying Mandarin,

and the other half year in Taiwan, speaking Mandarin.


It's nice to see the world,

but its wonderful to be home for Christmas.


Pochyemu said...

You and my mom should get together! She's already told all 7,000 people in my hometown that I'm coming home, I'm sure.

Trust me though, no matter how far away you go and how many adventures you have while you're there, it's ALWAYS good to come home to your mom.

expateek said...

Yeah, nothing like posting it on the WORLD WIDE WEB, hey? We both burst into tears right after I took this photo, so good job not too much eyeliner on!