Monday, October 27, 2008

We will rock you!

Prize for first answer goes to Jim for correctly identifying Freddie Mercury of Queen as the artist in question. It's We Will Rock You, if you haven't figured it out yet.

Prize for pointing out that I offered no prize (oops, sorry!) goes to Isabella. Thank you! Next time I'll think this through more carefully. Perhaps some pisanki (Polish Easter eggs) or pierogi (dumplings) are in order next time? 

Prize for asking an intelligent question goes to my sis Martha for asking, "Well, what does that actually mean in Polish?" 

Answer: nothing. Just writing English words using the Polish alphabet. 

I warned you it wasn't that funny.

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pinolona said...

That's not true, writing English words with Polish letters is hours of fun - try ordering frapuczyjno lajt when the new Starbucks comes to Warsaw. Or ordering 'kurasants' from the pastry stand by the station. It's a great game. And it's surprising how much sense it makes compared to the normal orthographic tangles of the English language.

(not to mention being a sure-fire way to cheat at Scrabble)