Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Romanian rat's nest

And you think the wiring under your desk is messy! Check this out! Honest-to-goodness photo of a light-pole on the biggest, busiest boulevard in Bucharest. 

Here, let's see if we can attach about seven hundred and forty-one more cables to this poor pole. At least it's not gonna blow down in a windstorm. Mr D, ever the fascinated electrical engineer, was agog. To be fair, workers were doing some construction nearby, but gadfry, what a snarl. Looks like an Amy Winehouse hair-do.

"Let's see.... Connect the cable labeled A-412 to box IG-1... Insert male cable coupler here (see illustration 114-a, page 73.) ...Ok, then.... Unwind 80 miles of cable. Female coupler is inserted in 42-04BBa, while male jack goes into 30462 adapter." Uh, yeah. And make sure the electricity is turned off for all of Bucharest while you do this!

I like electricity where you flip the switch and the light bulb goes on. This just looks scary.


Gill - That British Woman said...

that's crazy, imagine if they have a problem? Where would you start?

Gill in Canada

expateek said...

Can't even begin to guess! I have trouble hooking up my tv to the Sky box, so hey! NOT the person to ask.