Saturday, September 20, 2008

This is the way we wash our clothes....

....if we're having a bad day.

Poor Mr. D! Here he just went and suggested the "Mr D metering device", so we could take a poll on his popularity and his overall suitability in the good husband/bad husband standings. And now look what's happened!

He accidently ran his good writing pen through the washing machine with all his work shirts. Blue ink spots everywhere. Tragic. It wouldn't be so awful, except that, like most men, he also doesn't like to shop. At all. So replacing them is only one of several simply horrible options. Not to mention the cost of doing so.  

I feel very sad for him.

Luckily for me, I'd had the good sense to procrastinate about unpacking my suitcase yesterday. And then I slept in this morning, so none of my laundry was in that batch. Phew! 

See? Real rewards abound for those who are slow and lazy!

Fortunately, I'm a whiz at stain removal. To be fair, he did come in to Google for inkstain answers, but I'm the one who found the hairspray in the drawer upstairs. I got him going with that stuff, and ... well, at least some of the stains are history. 

Time, and another go in the washing machine, will tell.

The hideous aftermath of the ink-pen apocalypse. Notice hairspray instructions in Polish. 

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