Monday, September 29, 2008

Romanian real estate

Mr D and I always like to look at real estate while traveling. We speculate about what it would be like to live in this town or that city, and how much it might cost, and whether anyone would come and visit us there, and so on. And then we just go to museums and walk all over God's green half-acre and forget about it the whole idea, until we go to the next place. It's a good thing we don't have any spare cash (too many kids at university!) or we'd own something or somethings all over the planet.

While in Bucharest, Romania, we happened across several properties that looked promising. I'm more of a city gal, so this is what I was planning on bidding on.

Notice that it's even for sale. With a sign in English.

Check out the cute upper floor solarium, perfect for receiving guests for late afternoon tea (or drinks after 5). Note the security gate and the lovely row of birch trees in the back courtyard. Disregard the Chinese dragon and the huge lighted advert case. I think it used to be a restaurant or a whorehouse.


Of course, after purchasing this property, there wouldn't be much money left over. But Mr D would still need a place to live, wouldn't he? Don't worry, I wouldn't leave him out of the picture, would I? No way. Especially since he's the one who earns all the dough. So I also thought about a place he might like to live.

He's the country mouse, so I found this one for him. It'll be pretty comfortable once he gets used to it. 

After all, as he is always telling me, he really doesn't need much room. Why, all he really needs is just one little suitcase! How conveniently he forgets the 20,000 pounds of stuff in the moving van: apparently all MY junk. Oh, to be so footloose and fancy-free. I envy him. 

No, I don't envy him. He's just delusional.

One more thing to note: this property even has its own power supply. Wow! Blow, wind, blow! 

Don't worry about him. Mr D's an engineer. I'm sure he can hook up to the internet somehow.

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