Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Outed! Expateek's fashion splash!

Everyone's Ok, in fact nobody's been writing, phoning, emailing, texting, to ask about my latest fashion tips. 

I know you're all thinking it, though. You're just dying of curiosity, and you can't bear to ask, because you don't want to appear too too eager. So I'll make it easy for you, because I am such a doll, and I don't want to hide my light under a bushel.

In case you forgot what we're talking about, here's a little reminder.

"Expateek! We know you don't actually shop at Etam, really. And we love the dress you were wearing up at the spooky hotel in Leicester! It's so fashion forward! It's all about polka dots! It's so brown! (Wait, how do we know that? The pix were in black and white. Ok, forget that.) But just tell us. Where on earth did you find it?"

"Was it from Harrod's? Or Bloomingdale's? Oasis? Or even Miss Sixty? Peek & Cloppenburg's? Where? Where? Where!!??!! Please tell us where, so we can go get one for ourselves! Not that we're copying you or anything, but that dress is just too cute for words! We'll call you first if we ever want to wear it out, to make sure we don't accidentally show up at the same event in the same frock. But pleeeeeease?"


Ok, no more begging. Expateek is going to give you a hint.

Turn on your TV, and tune into any channel that advertises for Sainsbury's. You will see the very dress splashed all over the screen, on the mum who's too busy to shop for clothes anywhere but in her local grocery store. Yup, that's me! (Or rather, the dress.)

Only twenty quid, just pick one up after the parsnip/root vegetable section and before the lager aisle.

Oh and it's stretchy too so you can grab some Peanut M&M's as well.

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