Saturday, September 20, 2008

I can see you out there....

Wow, those "Hitchcock" hotel photos started creeping ME out. And I published 'em. I need to get a new post up here, and fast!

I'm back in Warsaw for a minute or two, enjoying what feels like late autumn. We've turned on the heat. (Well, Mr. D actually did it. I profess to not know how.) I'm wearing my fleecey little (truthfully, huge) Finnish slippers and thinking about having a fire in the fireplace. (Mr. D can do that too, after he does the washing and the ironing. He has a lot of work to do today!)

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about how to improve this blog. Mr. D came up with a great idea, which I'll go into in a minute, but if you have suggestions, feel free to comment. I love getting feedback and I never pout if it's criticism. 

Almost never.

So hello to readers out there in Independence OR, Broomfield CO, Manchester UK, Gdynia PL, Halifax, Krakow, Waynesboro and Charlestown MA. Post a comment and let me know what you think.

And what is the Husband's suggestion? He proposes we have a "Mr. D meter", where blog readers can rate him on a scale from "butthead" (his word, not mine) to "brilliant". Then we publish graphs and statistics, and apply Six Sigma principles and do Power Point presentations and apply for copyright and license the intellectual property and develop a franchise and make a YouTube video and ... you get the idea.

I'm not so sure. 

Because then this blog might become "all about him". 

When of course it's supposed to be all about ME!

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Don said...

I think you should add the husband-o-meter! I'd vote in favor of Mr. D's brilliance every chance I get, just to help even things up in the household...