Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Poland is the best!

A quick update. I live in Warsaw now. I'm happy, calm, content. Never been happier, in fact. Never in my whole life.

Must be the climate. Or the combination of safety and lurrrrrve. Or something. Whatever, I'm not examining it too closely, because I don't want to know the "why" of it.

I'm just going to enjoy it.

In spite of my best efforts during the better parts of 2006 and 2007, I managed to not completely derail my life. Things are on track again. I moved to Warsaw in December of 2007, and have slowly been putting the pieces back together, after the craziness of South Africa in 2006, and the grinding hard work of 2007 when I was back in the UK by myself.

And the wonderful wonderful Mr D, my constant husband, stuck with me through it all.

Round of applause for a fantastic guy!

Meanwhile, there's loads to learn, to see, to do. The biggest hurdle is learning Polish, but we've begun the process, to the great hilarity of most of the Poles we run across. They all love to tell you, "Polish is very difficult language!" Yes, yes, we understand that much. More updates about Poland to come.

But meanwhile, I'm off to the USA this Saturday, for my first visit in 3 years. We'll see what it all looks like with my "expat eyes". I'm bracing myself for some major culture shock.

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