Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Reader commentary

So, yeah. What’s up in the world?

Tricia wrote and said, “From America, to The Storyteller: ...I'm so jaded...
I need more sex and violence in these stories. Could you work on that? fact, fiction, who cares? love ;) T ....”

I told Tricia I’ve only been violently vacuuming up spiders. Will have to break my marriage vows and/or go on a shooting spree, I guess. God, some people are so HARD to satisfy!

Then Teri wrote, sending me a wonderful book... and... inside the book were PHOTOGRAPHS of one of “Matt the Plumber”’s trucks. Can you believe the timing?

And finally Raechel wrote, the actual Raechel of “Raechel and the Tradesmen”, and said, “What do you mean, I'm not that type of girl? Why do you think I needed so many repairs? Maybe it's having those buff guys around who do what you tell them to do, AND clean up after themselves. Or maybe it's those tool belts. (Oh, those tool belts!) One time, I spotted one of their tool belts slung over the porch railing, and I elbowed David to just go slip it on for a short time... just the tool belt. Oh, please....”

Now there’s a buncha girls, whot knows wha’ they likes....

But, this brings us, brilliantly, to the anti-hijacking course. I promised I’d tell you before, but frankly, it was so terrifying that I’ve had to let it all settle a bit. But, no sex,Tricia, only violence!

It was on Saturday morning, October 15th. I’m out of jail. (And who knew I’d get to say THAT, ever!) I’m back in South Africa (another type of jail, it feels like, at the moment -- out of the frying pan and into the fire!) And we’re off to the BMW dealership: Mr. D, Miss T, and I. Going there to ensure that, among other things, Mr. D’s new BMW X5 doesn’t get hijacked “to order” for some high level government official in Zimbabwe.

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