Thursday, November 17, 2005

Off with the wedding ring!

I took off my wedding ring.

I’m not wearing it anymore. Twenty-six years on that finger. It was so hard to get it off. Took soap and water, and about 10 minutes. But now, I’m free of worries. I don’t have to care about it anymore.

Of course, Mr. D had something to say about it all. He was not happy. He’s continuing to wear his ring, stubbornly. But I don’t care what he thinks, at least about this. It’s all about me, now. And from now on.

I can hear you asking, “Well, what the heck happened, E? Are you throwing in the towel? What’s wrong? Was it the move? The stress? Is it all over? What?”

Nawww... it was the rest of that crazy anti-hijacking course. Let me tell ya.

We came back from the tea break slightly restored, but maybe even a little jumpier, thanks to some caffeine and sugar. Richard started in on part 2 of the presentation.

“You’re half awake, half asleep, in the middle of the night. Lekker, that’s sweet. But you hear a noise. What do you do? Probably nothing. You wait for the same noise again, a second time. Maybe a third time, and then you say to your partner, ‘Babe, go check out that noise, hey?’”

Everyone cracked up.

Richard continued describing a scenario where thieves have actually broken into your home. And why didn’t your dog bark? Because he’s already been poisoned or worse. So suddenly, thieves are there in your bedroom, pointing guns at you. That’s what those noises were! They take your car keys, tie you both up, and leave with one of your cars, or two. All they need is fifteen minutes lead time, so they can get the car away from the property, and disable the tracking system.

Maybe you get free, after they leave, and you call the police. You can hardly remember your own name, and now you’ve got to remember your car registration number? Good luck. While you’re dealing with the trauma, the car heist is already over and done with. Your loss, the Porsche’s gone. So’s the Beemer. But at least you’re still alive!

There have been cases where the police showed up, discussed the crime with the victim, called it in.. then sat around smoking and waiting for “back-up” but it turned out, they were rotten police, paid off by the robbers, and were just delaying things to give the car thieves more getaway time. In another case, the “police” asked for the registration documents, which were duly handed over, making it even easier to transfer ownership of the car to some black market dealer. Yi yi yi. Very clever thieves, these days. And who knows who’s on their payroll?

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